Home remodeling and modifications

Most people don’t realize that that through home remodeling, you can have the home that helps you in your daily life. It can make your life easier and more enjoyable. 

» Home remodeling and modifications


Handicap accessibility

Identify modifications and/or equipment recommendations according to individual needs. On site evaluation up to 2 hours on site for most evaluations, extended on site time for larger homes/spaces. Full written report with recommendations, if desired (additional time required).

» Handicap accessible homes


Aging in Place

Aging in place planning can help protect the health, well-being and lifestyle of older adults. For seniors who want to age in place, this means understanding what life will likely be like later, and creating a plan that will help you navigate the coming changes.

» Aging in place


Home evaluations

We are experts at understanding the interrelations between a person’s abilities, personal needs and interests and their environment. Learn more about how we use home evaluations to focus on your specific needs and requirements, so your home can support you the way you need it to. (And, look fantastic!)

» Home evaluations



We provide professional consulting for builders, remodelers, architects, interior designers, landscape architects and other professionals as needed. Hourly consultation is available to assist in the implementation of individualized solutions to fit the precise needs for the person(s) who will use the spaces.

We also provide aging in place consulting and handicap accessibility consulting to individuals in the communities we serve.


Project design  

Draw up plans for modification recommendations which may include remodeling, redesigning and/or equipment recommendations to be completed in conjunction with other professionals working with CapABLE Living, LLC. (Our involvement in this phase assumes you do not have a team already in place to follow through with recommendations and you want us to help you make changes happen)


Training / Education

Follow-up training in use of home modifications and 1:1 training with individual, family members or other caregivers to ensure successful use of modifications/ or recommendations (i.e., furniture arrangement, lighting/low vision modification, dementia strategies).


Unique products 

Solutions for your home utilizing unique products and equipment that are both safe and beautiful. Some product discounts are available