Handicap Accessible Homes

Handicap accessibleA handicap accessible home can be created through home modifications and remodeling your current home. Making these changes can help people who have very specific needs have easier lives at home. (This is sometimes called barrier-free remodeling, disability remodeling or handicap remodeling.)

A handicap accessible home is most needed by someone who uses a wheelchair. But, there are other issues that it can be helpful for, including for people who have trouble with:

  • Bending, reaching or sitting
  • Color blindness or dyslexia
  • Cognitive issues
  • Mobility or other issues caused by specific conditions, such as ALS, Autism, Spina Bifida, MS, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

If you own your home in Louisville or surrounding areas, get in contact with us. We can help you choose the best handicap accessible features and options for your home.

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Handicap accessible remodeling

Creating a handicap accessible home starts with a deep understanding of how a person needs to interact with their house. As well as, how that may change over time. Armed with that information, you can design a home that better suits a person now and will meet their needs later on.

We are able to create such a highly specific plan for your home, because we start the process by talking with you about your desires and needs, then assessing you and your home. Once we’ve completed these things, then and only then will be bring our knowledge and research into play to create the right list of recommended modifications, remodeling or products.

We focus on home safety, because our primary goal is to help you maintain your long-term health and well-being, while creating a home that will meet your needs.

Handicap accessible bathroom

We will guide you in choosing the features for your handicap accessible bathroom to help you maximize the safety and comfort of this room. We will help you create a bathroom that provides the level of accessibility you need for your specific needs, which could include features, such as:

  • A roll-in shower (this also could be known as a barrier-free shower, handicap shower or walk-in shower)
  • A shower seat or a feature to help a person sit in the shower
  • Grab bars, handrails or other assistive accessories
  • Transfer devices
  • More open space (for wheelchairs, transfers or ADA guidelines)
  • Comfort-height toiliet (or ADA height toilet)
  • Lever-handled or hands-free sink controls
  • Roll-under or sit-down vanity

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Accessible kitchens

By creating a handicap accessible kitchen, you can help alleviate the obstacles you face accomplishing your activities of daily living due to a physical disability. You kitchen can be made to support your needs and help you  continue to care for your family and yourself at home.

A handicap kitchen remodeling project or wheelchair accessible kitchen might include:

  • Varying counter heights
  • Sinks and stoves you can roll-under or sit at
  • Wheelchair height appliances
  • Storage drawers instead of lower cabinets

Master suites

Master suites are a hot new remodeling trend for nearly anyone wanting to create the perfect living quarters. These are typically a larger bedroom (with more open space), a larger closet  and a bathroom.

For someone who uses a wheelchair, a master suite can be exactly what they need to turn their existing home into one that is accessible and meets their needs. For this exercise, we will outline features that can help make this space easier to use and live in. (Any luxury will just be a bonus!)

Some of the features in an handicap accessible master suite could include:

  • Bigger bedroom with more open space
  • Larger, more open walk-in closet
  • More and better lighting (as much natural light as possible)
  • Storage areas that are easy to get and use
  • Fully-accessible bathroom

Common areas

There are features you will most likely want to include in your home remodeling or home modification project. These will not only help make it more accessible, but also make it easier and more enjoyable for you.

  • Wider hallways and doorways
  • Automatic doors or lever door handles
  • More open space
  • Flooring suited for mobility devices
  • Select home accessories

Exterior remodeling

There also are features for the outside of your home that make it easier on you, including:

  • Wider walkways/sidewalks
  • Custom concrete ramps and walkways
  • Aluminum modular ramps or custom ramps
  • No-threshold entrances

Handicap accessible remodeling

Just because a contractor might say they can do accessible home remodeling, doesn’t mean they actually have the skills and knowledge to do it. As medically trained professionals, we can work with you to make sure the changes to your home are designed and built properly. 

Every person’s needs are different, as it every house. We will customize our recommendations based on our assessment of your needs and your home. 

CapABLE Living can help you make your house support you now and in the future. We can recommend and work with a professional home remodeler to make the modifications to your hoe.