Design and Building Professionals

When you team up with CapABLE Living, LLC, you get access to our extensive knowledge as Occupational Therapists who understand accessibility and how it can make living easier. We partner with architects, engineers, officials, building owners, developers, facility managers and other professionals that are responsible for accessibility in the built environment.

Professional services

Plan review

We will perform a comprehensive review of your plans to ensure they accurately meet ADA guidelines and/or meet the accessibility requirements for your project. We provide thorough documentation that clearly outlines recommendations to maximize accessibility unique to user needs.

Design consulting

We are able to provide consulting on your designs to ensure they will work for the specific people, situation and/or environment. We are a professional resource for architects, designers, contractors and building owners who want professional assistance incorporating accessible elements into a project.

Site assessments

We can tour your project site and discuss your concerns and objectives with you. We will provide a comprehensive site visit report, which will detail our responses to your questions, design advice on how best to meet your objectives and preliminary recommendations.

As part of these professional services, we can partner with your client one-on-one or with your architect or designer (if you are an owner or manager) to translate our recommendations into design drawings.

Our commitment to you

We will leverage our 33 years of medical and design experience to ensure you get the right solutions for your projects, provided by friendly professionals that are easy to work with.

We use the word ‘partner’ purposefully, as we believe in and are committed to drawing professionals together to create project solutions that are right for the people they exist to serve.

Our professional services are available on a per project or retainer basis. We know that each project is different, as are their solutions. Please contact us to discuss your firm’s requirements.

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