Accessibility Products

Accessibility products

CapABLE Living offers a variety of accessibility products that are individually recommended to help make your home easier and more enjoyable to live in. Most also will help your stay more safe and comfortable. Each one can be installed by our experienced accessibility team. 


Accessibility products


Ramps help people who need a little help with mobility get into their home safely.

We can help you choose the best ramp for your particular needs, including folding ramps, modular ramps, threshold ramps or wooden ramps. And, make sure it is installed properly, so you can stay safe and healthy.

Roll-out shelves

Roll-out shelves quickly become a favored feature of a kitchen, laundry area or bathroom. To the average person, they are a neat ad-on that saves time and effort. For people with trouble reaching, bending or otherwise accessing the contents of their cabinets, they can be life changing.

These shelves can help your kitchen or other spaces be easier to use. Plus, you can store nearly anything, from small appliances to spices. And, they can be combined in many different ways, so you get a completely personalized shelving system.

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At CapABLE Living, we are committed to reducing falls in our client’s homes. One of the products we use to do that are handrails. 

We install these handrails where people need the most. That way, you can have a home that provides you support where and when you need it most. They can help prevent injury, while giving you greater freedom at home.


Grab bars

Grab bars are one of the easiest ways to add some support in your home. Gone are the days when people wouldn’t install them because they feared it made them look ‘old’. Today, people realize they are good for anyone, at any age and with any capabilities.

There are numerous grab bar brands out there from basic aluminum to exquisite and ornate bronze.

The most important thing you need to remember about accessibility products like grab bars and handrails is that they have to be installed correctly. If they aren’t, someone will get hurt and possibly suffer life-threatening injury.

Despite what some might say, grab bars are a smart product to have in any home. They provide a balance and safety feature that will help keep anyone safer at home, from kids to older adults.


Accessible showers

We know people ant beautiful bathrooms that are safe to use. That’s why accessible showers have grown in popularity over the last few years. People are realizing they can reduce the chance of falling and have gorgeous shower.

No matter what style you choose, having a shower with a seamless transition (one where you don’t have to step up or over anything) is the safest way to go. From there, you can add other products and features to make your bathroom even more amazing:

  • Shower seats that are built in
  • Heated flooring
  • Slip-resistant tile
  • Anti-scald devices to prevent burning
  • Simple shower controls
  • Multiple shower heads

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Comfort height toilets

Most homes have toilets that are 14.5 to 15.5 inches off the floor (not including the seat). Those just aren’t easy for any adult of average size to get on and off of. That’s where comfort-height toilets come into play.

These toilets are a little higher, making it easier on you. (And, by you, we mean your knees, hips, back, etc.) Comfort-height toilets are typically 16.5 to 18 inches tall (not including the seat). Not only are they great for anyone with hip or knee problems or those that use a wheelchair. They’re also the Federal standard for public toilets now. joint issues. 


Roll-under sinks

Roll-under or sit-down sinks are a fantastic feature that may be one of the best kept secrets in home remodeling. They literally are sinks you can sit down to use. (Or, stand.) They are just as functional for someone standing as they are for someone who is unable to stand for long periods of time. (Or, someone who uses a wheelchair.)

Sometimes, people have them built so they have the option to sit or stand. This is particularly important for multi-generational homes or where one person is in a wheelchair, but the other is not.

Stair lifts & vertical platform lifts

The number of Americans aged 65 and older is climbing. And, approximately 3.5 percent of homes in the U.S. offer the basic features necessary to help people live safely at home later in life. 

That’s why we offer products such as stair lifts and vertical platform lifts. These help people get in and out of their homes, as well as around them if there are multiple floors.

If your home has a raised porch or entry, or if you have stairs inside your home, these two products can help make sure you can stay at home longer.

Stair lifts

A stair lift is a chair mounted on a railway, which can move you up and down a staircase. (They also are know as stairlifts, chair lifts or stair gliders.)

The primary goal of stair lifts is safety; getting you up and down your stairs without injury. There are many stair lift options available and we can help you choose one that will meet your needs.

Vertical platform lifts

A vertical platform lift is a machine designed to take you from one level of your home to another level. (Much like an elevator.) They can be installed for outside or inside use..These lifts may also be known as a “porch lift”. (This is because, many times, you see them used to get people from the ground level up to a porch.)

Vertical platform lifts are perfect for someone who has difficulties going up shorter stairs, or who may need a wheelchair or walker.

About products we recommend

CapABLE Living is able to recommend and install these and many other products that can help your home be easier for you. We help our neighbors in Louisville and the state of Kentucky create greater accessibility in their homes.

We recommend a number of products to our clients that can help make their lives easier, keep them more safe or improve their quality of life. Some of those products are not readily available in our area. At CapABLE Living, we perform a thorough assessment of the individual and their home, so we can recommend the right products for them.