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Caring and compassionate Occupational Therapists. You will be pleased with their recommendations and the results!

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Occupational Therapists are the only professionals recognized by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to make recommendations for home modifications for persons with disabilities.



Occupational Therapists are experts at understanding the interrelations between a person’s abilities, personal needs and interests and their environment.


Creating the most cost effective design solutions for both current and future needs of individuals that allows them to focus on their abilities instead of their challenges.


Occupational Therapists are passionate about designing beautiful accessible living spaces for individuals with various needs and abilities that promote safety and independence.

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Aging in place

Your home is one of the most important parts of your plan to age in place. We can show you how to get it ready for later life, starting today.

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Home Remodeling & Modifications

Through home remodeling, you can have the home that helps you in your daily life. It can make your life easier and more enjoyable.

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Handicap Accessibility

Identify modifications and/or equipment that can help make your home more accessible and easier for you to live in for years to come.

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Accessibility Products

CapABLE Living offers a variety of accessibility products that are individually recommended to help make your home easier and more enjoyable to live in.

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Incorporating designs that serve our clients needs as well as their families helps make their house a home…


Creative solutions and outside the box thinking sets us apart from our competitors.


Our reputation has been earned through years of hard work and determination.


We don’t look for a quick fix. Our clients deserve real solutions to their challenges and that’s what we provide.

CapABLE Living serves individuals and families that:

  • Adults who are planning ahead for their future needs by making their home easier to live in, more comfortable and safe.

  • Have progressive or chronic conditions that require special modifications, such as ALS, MS, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, COPD or a developmental disability, to name a few.

  • Have had a traumatic event occur requiring urgent modifications, such as a severe accident or health condition, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke and others.